Minor Rant: Time Wasting Image Links

Most of us have encountered it on the web. You know it when it happens, and you dread it happening as your mouse hovers above the image to click upon. Some might call it a pet peeve. However, for me it isn’t to that level. It is certainly quite an irritant to say the least (the very least). What is it that clicking that link drives us to shout at the monitor?

It is the dreaded “(click for larger image)” link. It seems that many web publishers/authors have no idea that when they claim such a result from your precious click time we have an expectation of delivery. Namely, we want a larger image.

Not just a slightly larger image mind you (such as seen here: http://nostarch.oreilly.com/catalog/159327064X/ ). We expect an image that is large enough to provide a good view of whatever it is we are looking at. If it will not help me see the picture better do not put the link there!.

I would much rather be stuck with a small embedded image (thumbnail) than to click a link that opens a full new browser window (or tab, if that is your inclination) only to see the exact same image on it’s own, or worse yet … a smaller image.

It is that feeling of betrayed frustration, not to mention the time it takes to close the useless window my system took the time to render. Betrayal? Absolutely. When this happens my expectations were betrayed. And it makes me frustrated. At least once the anger dies down.

Honestly people, we are all better off w/o such less than useless links being there. Just say no to them.


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